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Human Resources Consulting and Coaching

Human resources consulting

As a consultant and advisor, I guide business leaders and human resources directors in letting go of the commonly held assumption that efficiency and profitability should be the guiding forces in human resources policy creation. All organizations must prioritize the employee experience, also known as EX. If they don’t, the collateral damage is very likely to be an inconvenienced, overworked, demoralized, or dehumanized workforce.

Training and executive recruiting

primary clients are CEOs, CFOs, and CHROs who want to fix work. I have a passion for human resources technology and will leverage my audience and influence to train the next generation of leaders to tackle problems with creativity and innovation.  My services focus on the future of work, where leaders and supervisors can bring consciousness and clarity to the workplace. Need to find a new CHRO? My network is unrivaled. 

Personalized coaching

As a coach, I help people learn the art and science of self-leadership. We focus on well-being at the core of everything, and I teach people how to take risks on themselves and in their careers. Are you stuck in a toxic environment? Nowhere to go in your current role? I believe that we fix work by fixing ourselves first. Work with me to upgrade your thinking and address those daunting career problems you have avoided for years. 



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