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Telco Tribe is a telecom company, operating exclusively in the high-technology space, providing exceptional globl connectivity services. 
My name is Magdalena. My mission is to help different businesses to choose and effectively implement the most viable connectivity solutions in the organizations to secure the best experience of local and international mobile services for their customers.
Over years of professional work, I have participated in multiple cross-functional projects connected with the telecommunication industry in Europe, the United States and Latin America. I specialize in the MVNO and IoT areas.
A combination of extraordinary expertise and access to Mobile DATA solutions worldwide gives a unique value that I can bring to Your business.
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Magdalena, Telecom consulting company


  • H2H and relationships first

My values begin with the right people and my network. I am professional and focused but also have an empathetic, human mindset.

  • Drive to improve Your business

I am persistent in getting things done by taking ownership. I seek to understand a local market and the players within it. I will help you to see the big picture to assess the impact of your decisions and determine the technical setup.

  • Listening and tailoring services to the needs of my Clients

I have learned that most telco projects have customized requirements. To fulfill Customers’ needs, I take a consultative approach, deliberately focusing on understanding them to find the most suitable solution.


Telecom companies that already have at least one telco product

E-commerce companies offering a subscription-based model

Companies from different sectors using wireless connectivity

Hardware companies that want to offer equipment together with connectivity as a One-Stop-Shop

Startups looking for advice on how to launch an MVNO

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